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About our shaped custom cakes

  • Our Shaped Custom Cakes have several layers of cake with buttercream in between the cake layers.  Most times we use chocolate ganache to finish the cakes (which will be under the fondant, depending on the actual design.  This allows for a more solid working surface to finish your cake design.  

  • Shaped cakes are carved, stacked and supported in many ways and  come in many different sizes and shapes.   Some designs require internal structure/support.

  • Shaped Custom Cakes have a 20 Serving minimum  and start at $350.  Fillings are usually not an option, and are determined  whether they can be used in your design by our cake artist at the time your order is placed.  

  • All shaped  cakes are finished in in fondant and/or modeling chocolate.  This allows us to do an endless number of design elements  to your cake.  

  • Fondant, Gum paste, modeling chocolate, pastillage, isomalt, and other edible mediums are used to complete your design.   

  • The cakes shown in the gallery are EXAMPLES of finished cakes.  

Gallery - The cakes shown below are examples of cakes we have done.

Please use these as inspiration for your cake design.

If you don't see a specific design, that does not mean that we haven't done it or can't do it.

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