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About our Custom Stylized Cakes

Our Single Tier Custom Stylized Cakes have three layers of cake with buttercream in between the cake layers. They can be round, square, or many other shapes. (see icon on left). These cakes are NOT covered in fondant and have fondant and/or other edible medium details added.

  • Single Tier Custom Stylized Cakes are priced individually based on the degree of difficulty. "Simple" designs do not always equate to a less expensive price point.
  • 6" rounds start at $115 (up to 15 servings)
  • 8" rounds start at $150 (up to 25 servings)
  • 10" rounds start at $210 (up to 35 servings)
  • Cakes sized over 10" rounds are priced based upon request.
  • Fillings are optional and have an additional charge starting at $5.
  • We can also add many different topper elements to your cake. Figurines, flowers, messages, etc. All of our design elements are hand made from completely edible materials. We do not put anything that is unsafe on your cakes. We have to ensure all items going on your cake are either food safe or we have to create a food safe application. Fondant, Gum paste, modeling chocolate or pastillage mediums are used.
  • The cakes shown in the gallery are EXAMPLES of finished cakes.  
  • Gallery - The cakes shown below are examples of cakes we have done.

    Please use these as inspiration for your cake design.

    If you don't see a specific design, that does not mean that we haven't done it or can't do it.

    To request a quote click HERE

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