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What Is Your Liability Policy?

Our liability, if any, under any circumstance is limited to the value of the cake only.  We are not responsible for any damage to the cake which may occur after it has been picked up by you, the customer or your liaison, or after your cakes has been delivered and/or set up by It'z My Party Cakery Inc.  We will provide a cake which meets all food sanitation requirements and that can be displayed for up to approx. 6 hours in a 72*F environment.  This includes any of our standard cake and filling flavors. Cakes that are filled with items such as (but are not limited to) fruit, custard, or other fillings prone to spoilage should be displayed for a max of approx. 2 hours after it has completely come to room temperature.  

It is our client's responsibility to communicate the window of safe food handling time to their banquet hall or caterer.  The customer assumes all liability for cakes displayed outdoors or in an outdoor tent/environment. A cake displayed in any non air conditioned space (more than 72*F) is never advised, and becomes the sole responsibility of the client.

Our cake shop is not an allergen free environment. Allergens that we use on a daily basis include but are not limited to nuts, flour (gluten), strawberries, chocolate, dairy, food dyes, and several other known allergens. A list of allergens can be requested.  It'z My Party Cakery Inc. will take every precaution that is within our control to eliminate contamination. We cannot guarantee that even with the highest degree of care on our part, that allergens will not be present in any of our products. 

Inedible items on the cake, such as wooden dowels, plastic dowels within structures, figurines, or wires in gum paste or wafer paper flowers that are not removed before serving are not our responsibility.  Likewise, items placed onto the cake by any other person or vendor is not our responsibility. 

It'z My Party Cakery Inc. is not liable for any illness, injury or other damage resulting from inedible items or flowers.

The word "cake" is is our term used to describe our other closely related baked products, such as cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc.

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