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What is Fondant?

What Is Fondant? Fondant...pronounced FON-dant (emphasis on the first syllable) is a sugar dough that is made up of powder sugar, gelatin, vanilla, and other stabilizers. We still have a full layer of buttercream on every cake prior to applying a thin layer of our home-made fondant.

We LOVE cake artists, it provides a great canvas for our detailed work. In addition to providing a clean porcelain finish to your cake, it also helps in sealing the cake to keep in the moisture, and adds strength to each tier, making it easier to handle and transport.

We use very high quality ingredients in our vanilla and chocolate fondants which have great neutral flavors, but if you or your guests wish not to eat it, fondant is easily removed from your cake slice. We promise it will be better than that play-doh tasting stuff you've had before!

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