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How the heck do I cut that?

Most cakes look intimidating to cut, but it really is easier than it looks. You just have to get the nerve to make the first cut. 

No matter what cake size or shape, rest assured, once you make the first cut, it will most likely come natural.  Either way, some things to consider before cutting the cake are to have the right tools by your side.  

Here are a list of helpful tools:

  • As for an assistant or two.  It never hurts to have more than one other set of hands.

  • An apron.  Either cloth or disposable.  You don't want to get yourself full of delicious buttercream!  

  • Damp bar towels, wash clothes, paper towel, or pre-wet disposable towelettes.  Just remember, if you are using the disposable towelettes, caution when wiping your knife off, as you may leave a wet chemical after-taste on the knife between cuts.  We recommend just plain ol' paper towel.

  • Several large holding plates.  The holding plates come in handy if you have more than one tier of cake, especially if there are more flavor options that you will be cutting.  Each tier of cake can be carefully removed and held on the holding plates.  

  • A large cutting knife or two.  A serving spatula, or forks.

  • A medium sized cutting board.  You can use a cutting board as a catch all for your large cake cuts.  

  • Serving plates. These are for the cake slices. It also helps to have large serving trays to carry the slices to the guest tables. Of course, you can always have a sweets table close by for guest to come and get a slice when they are ready.

  • Relax.  Take a deep breath.  It will be a piece of cake before you know it.

When you pick your order up, we will provide you with the best advice on cutting your 3/D sculpted work of art. 

 For single or stacked tiers, we will provide you with a cutting chart at your request to help.

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