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How Much Do Your Cakes Cost?

Why are they SO expensive?

Have you ever heard the phrase "You get what you pay for"?  When it comes to the world of custom cakes, it is especially true.  Sure, there are other bakeries that say they can do the same design for less, BUT is it really going to look the way you want? Will it taste as good as it looks? We take pride in providing you with the highest quality, both inside and out!   You can also be rest assured that your cake has not been sitting in a freezer for days, weeks or even months in advance of placing your order. We bake and decorate everything FRESH to order.

There is so much more to designing a cake than most people realize.  Before we even start your cake, we have to start planning.  You can't build a house without a plan, right? We can literally spend hours researching themes we are unfamiliar with coming up with a cohesive design based on the decorative elements you want on your cake. We want to ensure that your cake is a beautiful work of art and not just a cake with a bunch of stuff thrown on it.

Since all of our cakes are custom designed, and unique to each customer, we do not have set prices, but instead base pricing.  Our cakes are priced according to the number of servings, added fillings, complexity of design, planning and detail.  Custom Cake base pricing includes your choice of any cake flavor combination, exterior finish and  simple decoration. We find that most of our custom cake orders range between $6 & Up per serving.  We also want your cake to be unique, just like you or the recipient of the cake.  

Major factors that affect the price include cake sculpting, fondant or chocolate decorations, detailed design elements, painting, airbrushing, and other time consuming design elements.  All of these things take time.  I know that because you see the cake shows on tv make and decorate a cake in 30 minutes, that we can do the same for you?  NOPE!  On average, we will spend anywhere between 6 hours and up from start to finish on each edible masterpiece we create for you.  Of course, the timeline varies depending on how much detail we need to add.  There have even been instances where it has taken a full week to complete a cake compilation. That's insane! We don't mass produce cakes, and we certainly aren't a factory. It is our job to pay attention to even the smallest of details that usually go unnoticed by many. 

Shaped/sculpted cakes have a minimum sizing of 20 servings, since we need a minimum amount of actual cake to achieve most designs. (No, we cannot make a car or a dog to feed 5-10 people.  3-D Sculpted cake pricing is largely dependent upon the actual finished shape's, complexity of design details, custom made stands or supports, etc. 

Please inquire for specific pricing quotes.  We invite you to contact us so we can work within your budget. You can request a quote here.

“It's more than a cake, it's about creating a memory for you and your family.”

Milwaukee's Cake Artist

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