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Do We Deliver?

Yes, we do deliver.  Delivery charges range from $35-$75 and are subject to availability and pricing can change at any time. Deliveries must be pre-arranged and pre-paid.  In addition, we do not deliver at specific times.  We deliver in 3-4 hour blocks of time.  This allows for us to deliver multiple cakes at the same time, and gives us a little time cushion to factor in traffic, set-up and any other reason that may slow us down.

While it is usually not a problem for our clients to pick up most cakes from our cakery, transporting your cake by yourself or a liaison is at your own risk. 

Most cakes can travel well for even up to several hours without any problem, however, we do not recommend that clients self transport a large 3D/sculpted cake, stacked cake over 3 tiers, or travel with any cake without proper planning for more than 3 hours.  In the summer, it is especially important to have air conditioning when traveling with any baked goods that have buttercream.  Sugar melts, remember!  We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to any client transported cake once it has left our cakery.

Most venues have different policies for receiving "out-sourced" food items. Simply call and ask the facility if they accept outside cakes or other desserts from a state licensed bakery.  

Please be aware that some venues charge a cake cutting fee.  Sorry, but there is nothing we can do about that.  Perhaps a close family member or friend can assist with cutting?

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