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Is my cake frozen?

NOPE - NEVER! We DO NOT freeze any cake, or for that matter, cupcakes. or anything else either. Unlike most other bakeries who bake weeks or even months in advance (yuk), we bake, ice and decorate everything fresh to order.

Yes, we DO refrigerate our cakes. Why, you might ask? Well, there are several reasons why.  First and foremost, we use REAL butter, REAL eggs, REAL cream, and REAL sugar. In order to work with your cake designs, we need to have a firm solid surface to work on. To make that happen, we place your cake in the refrigerator so that the buttercream (frosting) solidifies like a stick of REAL butter does when it is put into the refrigerator. In addition, when transporting your cake, it keeps things in place so you get to where you are going safely with minimal issues. (Imagine a completely warm room temperature stacked cake. With every bump and every turn, you cake has an opportunity to move about, shifting and sliding all over the place. Not so much with a chilled cake!)

So, you have arrived at your destination, and your cake is exactly like it was when you picked it up at the cakery.  Now it is time to put it in place and allow it to warm up. This step is very important, because you want to enjoy all of the delicious flavor profiles you meticulously picked out, right? 

Warm up times vary depending upon the size of the cake, how many tiers it has, how warm or cold the environment that it is displayed, the time of year it is, if you are having your event indoors or out, air conditioned or not, etc. 

We recommend a warm up time be a minimum of 2 hours before enjoying your slice of heaven.  If you make us aware of an approximate serving time of your order, we can start the "warm up" process prior to you picking your order up. As long as your cake is still somewhat chilled, it should still travel well.

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