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06/10/2014 Kaylnn, Milwaukee
Absolutely the best cake company in Milwaukee, WI. Maybe the world!  lol
Judi was sincerely wonderful, fulfilled every need of mine to design my daughter Liliana birthday cake for 1st birthday. If you  hate having second thoughts think no more this exactly where you want to go. Great pricing and done exceptional time. The cake was more than I expected went way beyond my expectations she is absolutely phenomenal.

06/08/2014 Vicki, Milwaukee
Words can't express how much I loved the design and the taste of my daughter's Sweet 16 cake. Judi is just over the top and is truly THE CAKE BOSS of Milwaukee. All of the guest was eating two or more servings and even called me at home asking for more cake!!!!! My entire experience was AWESOME!!!!

05/09/2014 Robin, Milwaukee
The desserts are fantastic. Customer service is excellent. I'm so glad we found out about you. We have always been satisfied.

04/03/2014 Sherri, Milwaukee
I must say....the cake that was created for my daughter, Brianna Evans, for her Sweet 16th Bday was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Everyone was in awe and not only did the cake look beautiful, it tasted GREAT!!!! The staff was absolutely amazing. I have since referred several people there for cookies and cakes. I didn't see her cake on the website :( it was the Hello Kitty Cake with the holding the Tiffany box. My oldest daughter is turning 21 and I will be back!!!!!!!

03/14/2014  Amy, Oak Creek 
I just finished the Basic Cake Decorating class...let's just was AWESOME! Judi taught us exactly what we needed to know and gave us plenty of time in each class to practice our decorating skills. Judi is a not only an amazing cake artist, but an amazing teacher. I would defintely recommend this class to anyone. I had an amazing time and made some new friends! I am looking forward to taking future classes. Oh and people.....try their cake pops and truffles....they are amazing! Thanks Itz My Party guys are awesome!

03/10/2014  Wendy, Milwaukee
Everyone LOVED this cake, not only the design but the taste! You took an idea from a picture I brought and turned it into something so memorable the mommy-to-be started tearing up! I will definitely be coming back for my associates' retirement cake(s). Thank you again!

02/10/2014  Carla, Milwaukee (Beatles Cake) 
Thank you for making our "gift of time" with my brother so special with the amazing birthday Beatles cake!! This may be our last birthday to celebrate with him and it is one that will always be remembered! I will be back for sure as your cakes not only look amazing, but they taste incredible!

12/8/13 Eman, Milwaukee (Cash & Carry Cake)
The cake exceeded our expectations.  Not only did it look like the real thing, but it tasted amazing!!! We definitely be back for every occasion.  Thank you itzmypartycakery.:).

8/5/13 Jackie, Milwaukee (Dr. Seuss Cake)
Wow! The cake was incredible! We contacted the staff of It'z My Party on a fluke. So happy we did because they gave us the most incredible cake for our twin daughters' quinceanera. The theme of our party was Dr. Seuss (Thing 1 Thing 2). The staff created an outstanding cake that merged perfectly into our theme. It was one of the highlights of our party. Not only did it look spectacular, the taste was incredible. We had a three layered cake, chocolate, strawberry and marble. As cheesy as this may sound, the cakes became increasingly better as we worked our way to the bottom layer. We received so many complements on the cake for its design and the flavor. I have never had a marble cake that was that scrumptious - truly! I hope they use our cake in one of their design catalogs because it was truly amazing. Four years ago for our other daughter's quince, we used a well known small bakery in Wauwatosa that specializes in cheese cake (not the Cheesecake Factory). I know there are several restaurants that use their cheesecakes in their restaurants. The cake was good, but the service was poor, unfriendly, and borderline insulting. We were so grateful for the kind and attentive service we received from the owner and staff of It'z My Party. Thank you so much for everything!
07/18/13 Larquitta, Milwaukee, WI
Amazing!!!!!!!! Every cake I get is great!!
07/18/13 Deni, Wauwatosa, WI  (50th Anniversary Cash & Carry Cake)
Judi, great cake. Everyone loved it. My Mother thought it was beautiful. It was the perfect 50th Anniversary cake for her and my Dad.
06/10/13 Samantha, Kenosha, WI  (Icing Smiles Cake)
You created the Perfect Birthday cake for Londyn's First Birthday. After going through 9 months of chemotherapy nearly spending half of that in the hospital we were told about an amazing thing called icing We were lucky enough to have you chosen to create Londyn's First Birthday cake! It was amazing and a big hit at her party! Thank you for a beautiful and amazing cake for a very special little girl!!
05/16/13 Santana, Milwaukee, WI  (Circus Themed Cake)
I can honestly say that Judi is the best ever!  I was blown away by the tastefulness of the design and flavor of my cake.  It is apparent that Judi takes pride in her work because of her attention to detail and intricate arrangement.  My son's birthday cake was a magnificent addition to his party and I will without a doubt remain a loyal customer (I have already ordered my other son's cake for his upcoming birthday).  Outstanding service, great product.  Not only are you great Judi, but you have a wonderful team behind you as well.
05/11/13 Lynn, Milwaukee, WI  (Monkey Themed Cake & cupcakes)
Judi was great when we sat down with her.  She went over everything with us wonderfully.  I ordered a Monkey cake and 7 dozen cupcakes for my daughter's baby shower.  Judi matched the invitations for decorations on the cake.  It was adorable, not to mention how delicious the cupcakes were, and the buttercream is to die for.  Great job, thank you so much. Lynn
04/30/13 Natalie, Milwaukee, WI  (Dimensional Zombie Cake & Vintage Wedding Cake)
After previously tasting two cakes by Judi  (Elmo's first birthday cake and a birthday cake for my now mother-in-law), I knew that she was going to be our cake lady for our wedding. Not only are her cakes beautiful, they are delicious, and that is a rare combination! After seeing the sketches for our rehearsal cake (zombie) and our wedding cake (vintage style) I knew they would be perfect, but I didn't know how insanely awesome they would look in the end. Both the rehearsal dinner cake and the wedding blew our guests out of the water, and i am sure she made a few new clients from those events. I am thrilled that she now has her own shop (right in my neighborhood too!) and she will forever be our go to baker for all family events from now on!
04/11/13 Chris, MN (Dimensional Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cake)
I had Judi create the awesome dimensional motorcycle cake for my bachelor party. All of my family, friends and groomsmen couldn't believe that it was really a cake. Her attention to detail is second to none and the taste of the cake was fantastic. If you are looking for a cake that will amaze your guests and exceed your expectations then search no more. It'z My Party Cakery is the only place for me. Way to hit it out of the park Judi, thanks!!!.
03/24/13 Heidi, Milwaukee, WI (Cash N Carry Cake)
Judi Judi Judi......once again....AMAZING! From the cuteness on the outside to the real butter used in your Italian buttercream through out! Keep up the great work, I know you will do one heck of a business!
02/09/13 Kurtena, Milwaukee, WI (Dimensional Barber Clipper Cake)
01/17/13 Allison, Milwaukee, WI (Dimensional Teddy Bear Baptism Cake)
I contacted Judi to do our son's cake for his Baptism. From the moment I spoke with her it was obvious her biggest concern was that we were completely happy with the final product. We pretty much gave her free reign and let her creative juices flow. She sent us a few sketches to choose from, but when we picked up the cake It was 100 times more than what we expected! It was so cute we didn't want to cut it! More importantly, it was delicious! Barrett is turning 1 in a couple of months and we can't wait to see what Judi will come up with!
01/17/13 Kathryn, Milwaukee, WI (Birds Nest Shower Cake & Matching Cupcakes)
I ordered a cake for a themed baby shower and Miss Judi made the most beautiful two tiered red velvet cake with matching cupcakes to go along with it. I had sent a copy of the invitation to Miss Judi and she designed the cake to match. It was amazing! Miss Judi would hold her own on any cable TV cake show! Fantastic.
01/15/13 Don, Wauwatosa, WI (Minnie Mouse Cake)
My daughter wanted a Minnie Mouse themed cake. We sent Judi an example of what she liked from other internet search examples. What we ended up getting made the examples look like they were store bought. This cake not only made our daughters day, it blew everyone at the party away. Beyond looking great it was delicious. Moist, not overly sweet, just perfect. If not the best, one of the best cakes I've ever had. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
01/14/13 Carolyn, Milwaukee, WI (Barbie Mermaid Cake)
The most amazing birthday cake I've ever seen. My 5 year old loves mermaids and undersea creatures and the cake was fabulous. A work of art! Not only beautiful but delicious ( even the fondant frosting was out-of-this-world). Thank you Judi for making all the party guests drool!
12/05/12 Phyllis, Milwaukee, WI (Black Diamond Cake)
Well where do I start? I must honestly say have seen plenty of professionally made cakes but none compare to the Red Velvet Cake Ms. Judi made for me. Inside and out the cake was absolutely AMAZING! I have no complaints...Thanks Judi for making making may day unforgetful, you're the BEST! I'll see you soon!
12/04/12  Christina, Milwaukee, WI  (Elmo Drummer Cake)
I spent hours searching the Internet for a baker to make an Elmo cake for my son's 1st birthday party, and I found the perfect one in Judi. The cake was simply unbelievable! It was better than anything I could have imagined. Everyone loved the design and raved about how delicious the cake was. Judi will definitely be getting my business in the future. Her beautiful cakes are worth every penny. Thank you, Judi!
11/16/12 Chrisine, Milwaukee, WI (Dimensional GB Packer Helmet & Football Cake Pops)
I must say....Judi is "THE BEST CAKE LADY IN TOWN"!!! From her wonderful personality, accomodations, looks of the cake, taste of the cake - She has the FULL PACKAGE! I ordered a Green Bay Packers Helmet cake and football cake pops for my son's 7th Birthday Party and it was the best! First of all, when I saw the perfection of the Football Helmet, I thought - I have to come back but, the moist and great taste of the cake and cake pops will definately have me getting ALL of my cakes from Judi! Everyone was impressed with the cake that I had to hand out Judi's business card! Judi did an excellent job and it is apparent that she loves what she does!!! I can not Thank You enough and I will be back!!! THANKS AGAIN!!
10/29/12 John, Milwaukee, WI (Dimensional Grill Cake)
My cake was wonderful, not only did it look amazing but it tasted great! Exceeded my expectations!
10/14/12 Kristen, Milwaukee, WI (Ford 250 Dimensional Truck Cake)
I ordered a groomscake for my husband (which was a 3d f250 diesel truck) through Judi, and I could not believe how amazing Judi was to work with. She made me feel at ease-I can really say that I was not one bit worried about how it would be because she put so much time and effort into details. She delivered the cake to our reception site, no questions asked, and when my groom and I arrived we could NOT stop staring at the cake. Everyone was taking pictures of it and all of his friends couldn't believe how cool the cake was! I could not get over the detailing, and it was such a beautiful cake-to the point where my husband did not want to cut into it!! I will DEFINITLY be going through Judi again-her work is beyond incredible! Thank you so so much!
10/15/12 Tykedra, Milwaukee, WI (Seagrams Gin Bottle)
I contacted Judi three weeks before my boyfriend's birthday party and she got the job done. I was shocked at what I saw. The cake was great and the taste would make you want to knock someone out. lol! She did a great job with my last minute planning. It was a Seagrams Gin Bottle with two cigars. Everything looked just the way I wanted it too.
10/13/12 Tiffany, Milwaukee, WI (Ocean Swimming)
I am overly impressed with how my daughters 6 year old beach theme cake turned out! I'm so impressed with the artistry, that I'm afraid to cut the cake...however, once the kids get out of the pool, they will be ready to dig in! Judi, you are truly gifted...I'll be back later to write about the taste...
Cont....from above. 
Judi...the cake was & is delicious! Rave reviews all around, from the artistry, to the fluffiness and taste of the the taste and moistness of the cake! We will definitely be repeat customers! Such a pleasure to have found you and worked with you...thank you so much!
10/2/12 Courtney, Milwaukee, WI (Michael Kors Cake)
The Michael kors purse and heel cake was the best!!! My girlfriend loved it... She really didn't want to cut the cake lol. Thanks Judi!!!!
08/7/12 Emily, Milwaukee, WI (Graducation Cake)
Judi made the cake for my graduation party and it was amazing! Everyone at the party was so impressed by the wonderful job she did, and the cake was absolutely delicious!! Thank you, Judi, for helping make my special day even better! :)
08/1/12 Jeanne Allen, Milwaukee, WI (Ryan Braun Cake)
I am the surprise recipient of your Ryan Braun cake and am still talking about it and showing people pictures of it. The popcorn box complete with popcorn, the peanuts and the personalized scoreboard were so clever! And...the cake was truly amazing, people are still telling me how good it was! I am thinking of occasions that I can get a cake made, thank you so much for making my birthday so special!
08/1/12 Bruce, Milwaukee, WI (Ryan Braun Cake)
You are the "CAKE BOSS!" Your custom designed Ryan Braun birthday cake for my co-worker was fantanstic. Everyone absolutely loved it and pictures of it will be in our upcoming Company Newsletter. From the order process (online) to the creative design to the texture and taste, to the delivery of the cake, the entire experience was first class. You now have a new fan base here at our Bank. Thanks, Judi! And continued success to you!
07/31/12 Erika, Milwaukee, WI (                                    )
My mother had gotten a cake from Judi in the past, so when I was involved in the planning of friend's baby shower I immediately knew that Judi would be able to give us a beautiful cake...and she did not disappoint!!! We were speechless when we saw the cake. It was beautiful and got rave reviews!!! Judi is extremely professional and you can tell that she truly loves what she does. Thanks Judi :))))
07/26/12 Crystal, Milwaukee, WI (Bowling Princess)
Our family became hooked up with Ms. Judi through the organization, Icing Smilies. She blessed our family with a donated cake for our daughter Amiyah's 6th birthday and it was absolutely amazing! We truly expected to walk into a beautiful sheet cake; however, what we walked into was far beyond our expectations....a three-tiered cake. All we told her was the theme and colors of our daughters party and her talents and expertise did the rest. We are very thankful for people like Ms. Judi and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again. We have recommended her to so many people and pray that her business continues to flourish as she is truly an amazing baker and her cake definitely put a smile on not onlly our daughters face, but everyone who has seen it! Lastly, not only was the cake beautiful it was DELICIOUS! Thank you again Ms. Judi!
07/16/12Jasmine, Milwaukee, WI (Wrestling Cake)
Thank you sooo much judi everyone loved the cake!!!i will be back to see u in november...
07/05/12  Elaine, Milwaukee, WI (Yo Gabba Gabba Cake)
I have no complaints!!! Mason, myself and every one else enjoyed his Yo Gabba Gabba cake!!! It looked too good to cut! However, it was worth it because I have never tasted cake that dang good...ever!!! I can't thank you enough for putting such hard work into his cake and being a part of making his 1st birthday so special...and making me the envy of all my friends :) We will be back for sure!!! Thanks Judi :)
07/01/12  Niha, Milwaukee, WI (Pooh Cake)
Awesome Cake!!! Everone liked it a lot. Great artwork and delicious too. This was a perfect 'Winnie the Pooh' themed cake for my little one's first b'day party. Thank you so much, Judi.
06/29/12  Dao, Milwaukee, WI (All Star Baby Shower Cake)
Judi I want to THANK YOU for creating my Lil TJ’s Toys- All Star Baby Cake! I fell in LOVE with this cake as well as my entire guest. It fit into my whole theme of an All Star Baby Shower. It’s truly amazing to see both of our idea’s come to life with your creation! I’m sure once baby TJ gets here you will be able to create his birthday cakes in the future! You have awesome talent with cakes keep it up.
04/15/12  03/15/12 Danielle, Milwaukee, WI (Sunshine Cake) 
The Sunshine Cake- Once Again My Judi Did Not Let Me Down! This Cake Was For A 2nd Birthday Party And Her Nick Name Is "Sunshine"! Judi Made Her Own Design With No Guidance From Me, And The Cake Was PERFECT!!
03/18/12 Kurteana, Milwaukee, WI (Hennessy Bottle Cake)
03/15/12 Danielle, Milwaukee, WI (Coach Diaper Bag Cake)
The Blue Coach Diaper Bag Cake- Once again, the cake went perfect with the theme! The mom and guests loved it! The cake was fresh and delish as usual! Judi is my personal baker, HANDS DOWN!!
03/13/12 Danielle, Milwaukee, WI (Kisses Cake)
This Was My Birthday Cake And It Was Absolutely BEAUTIFUL And Yummy Too! The Entire Design Was Her Idea!! Judi Never Lets Me Down! Faithful Customer!
03/12/12 Kenya, Milwaukee, WI (Sweet 16 Cake)
BREANNA "SWEET 16" CAKE! I orderd a cake from Judi for my client event 03/10/12. I can only say that the cake was flawless!!!! The cake was almost gone within 20 minutes of being cut for guests. We were able to gather the last for the birthday girl herself to take home. We received so many compliments for looks and taste. Judi was delightful and so friendly, I look forward to return for more CAKES!
03/11/12 Keysha, Milwaukee, WI (Butterfly Cascade Cake)
I loved the cake and my mom cried when she saw it. It was absolutely amazing. Judi came up with the finished product concept and brought my vision to life. If you want an excellent cake and you're unsure of the design concept, allow Judi to work her magic! She will not disappoint. Thanks Judi. Love ya!!!!! See ya in a couple of months for the next 3 birthdays.
03/05/12 Shuntell, Milwaukee, WI (Groovy Rollerskate Cake)
My cake that Mrs. Judi made for my daughters 10th Birthday party! It was sooo nice. It was made exactly the way I wanted it. My daughter and her friends loved it. Thanks Judi I will be contacting you for future events!
02/22/2012 Roshonda, Milwaukee, WI (Skateboard Dude Cake)
I have to say the cake looked great and was absolutely delicious. My son's cake was one of a kind which is what made it unique! My son's friends thought it was the coolest cake ever. I will definitely be ordering more cakes.
02/21/2012 Sylvia, Zion, IL (Ivory and Tan Coach Bag cake and cupcakes)
I am so very pleased with the cupcakes and cake from Judi...I loved the fact that she gathered info and really put her thoughts into the design....she let me know that the cakes are all one of a kind no duplicates.......besides the cake being so beautiful it was soooooooo.........good my family was so impressed, my Mom loved it (it was her birthday cake) she didn't want to cut it. I wanted something unique and different for my Mothers birthday and with the held of Judi I acheived that. I have already placed another order for two weeks from now for my husbands birthday.....Thanks new "Cake Designer".......:)
1/28/2012 Phylece, Milwaukee, WI (Elmos 1st bday)
Judi is truly amazing when it comes to crafting cakes!!! She made my sons first birthday cake and I can already say that next years cake will be difficult to follow seeing how she creatively designed Elmo, and the taste of the cake, was out of this world. Seeing that everything from top to bottom was edible made me really understand that she doesn't just like making cakes she loves creating a work of edible art. The things this woman can do with sugar, flour and food coloring is ridiculous!!! Seriously, if you choose her to design a cake for you, trust you wont be disappointed! Thanks again Judi for making my sons 1st bday a very rememberable one for him and all his guests!
1/5/12  Wynette, Milwaukee, WI (Kobe Bryant Cake)
Hey Judi!!! Donta just LOVED his Kobe Bryant jersey cake. Everybody loved it, & the cake tasted soooo Great. I will be back for more of your business & thanks for making his day perfect.
11/18/11 Danielle, Milwaukee, WI (Cupcakes & Cake Pops)
Judi Has Done It Again!! She Made Green And Yellow Red Velvet Cupcakes And Cake Pops For A Packer Themed Ladies Night!! Both Were Awesome As Usual!! Thanks Judi!!
11/08/11 Jermenna, Milwaukee, WI  (Chris Brown Likeness Cake)
My sister Jalesha wanted a CHRIS BROWN cake & you were the only one that could do it to PERFECTION... I was SOOOO HAPPY with the service, the cake and the taste of your work. I will be back to see you for my baby shower cake. Thanks so much, oh yeah I need more cards I gave them all out :)
11/07/11 Laquita, Milwaukee, WI  (Mustang Cake)
Hi, you made my boyfriend's cake.  It was the Mustang cake.  OMG he just fell in love with the cake, and check this out, he doesn't even want to cut the cake.  He says, "It is to raw to be cut".  So, I had to go out and buy him anothe cake that everyone could eat.  LOL.  THANK YOU FOR MAKING HIM HAVE THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.  KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK...:0)!!
10/10/11 Janice, Milwaukee, WI  (VW Jetta Cake)
Judi, you made Nick's 21st Birthday Celebration a spectacular event! The VW Jetta cake was the only "SURPRISE" we had for him and it was a great SUCCESS!!! Nick and all his VW Club crew, Family and Friends were truly impressed at how you captured his own VW Jetta to a tee! Not only did you create a masterpiece, your cake and frosting is the best tasting cake we've ever had! Thanks again's a 21st Birthday cake we'll all remember.
10/08/11 Uganda, Milwaukee, WI (Baby Turtle Crawl Cake)
Judi, the cake you made for my sister-in-law's baby shower was awesome and amazing. She absolutely loved it when she saw it. The guests kept asking if it was real. They couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Not only did they think it was a good looking cake but they were even more blown away by the taste. Thank you so much for making the baby shower cake, one that will always be remembered.
09/07/11 Passionette, Boston, MA (Baby Princess Cake)
My daughter's first birthday cake was amazing!!!!!!!!!! The cake was more then I could ask for. Not only did it look great but the taste was to die for. People were asking for seconds and thirds. By the end of the party, there wasn't any left. I want to also say how professioanl Judi was. I worked with her over the phone from Boston and she went above and beyond to make sure I made the right choices for my child's special day. Thank you I will never forget how special you made this day.
09/02/11 Lisa, Milwaukee, WI  (Wedding Cupcake Tower - Purple)
Judi, I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the cupcakes, cheesecake and brownie bites for our wedding. We got so many compliments on them. The cupcake tower looked awesome! I'm so glad that Elise recommended you to me. I've been giving out your business cards and information so I'm sure you will be getting some calls. Thanks again for making our wedding day so very special. We will be back for more :)
08/20/11 Shirley, Oak Creek, WI (Baseball Themed Cake)
Dear Judi,  Thank you so very much for the simply wonderful birthday cake.  I have never seen a cake more beautiful.  You are so talented.  Everyone there thought it was just something else.  There are no words to thank you enough.  Love Shirley.
08/20/11 Susan, Milwaukee, WI (Cheerleader Cake)
I had Judi make my grandaughter's 17th birthday cake. She is a senior in high school and also a cheerleader. She wanted to have the cheer team over after practice to enjoy her day. The cake was a big hit with the girls. It looked great, and even tasted better. Thanks, we will be a repeat customer.
08/15/11 Passionette, (Baby Princess Cake)
The cake was great!  Everyone really enjoyed it.  I could not be more thankful for the job you did.  It was amazing.
08/11/11 Danielle - Diane, Milwaukee, WI (Green Coach Purse Cake)
Judi Has Done It Again!! This Cake Was For A 50th Birthday Party And It Was Such A HUGE Hit, They Didn't Want To Cut It!! This Was My First Time Trying Judi's Red Velvet Cake And It Was PERFECT!! Thanks Again Judi!!
08/09/11 Christine, Milwaukee, WI (Ball & Chain Bachelorette Cake)
The bachelorette party cake I ordered from Judi was a huge hit! She designed the whole thing and texted me a few different designs and drawings prior to constructing the actual cake. It turned out perfect! I ordered the chocolate chocolate chip with Italian buttercream which was delicious. Some of the guests said it was the best tasting cake they've ever had. I apppreciate Judi's communication, creativity, and attention to detail. I have already recommended Judi to my friends and will DEFINITELY use her again in the future.
07/19/11 Cecelia, Milwaukee, WI (3-D Bassinette w/ Monkey Cake)
Everyone was impressed by the design, presentation, and detailed work Judi put into the cake. Everyone kept asking for her business cards, and I'm glad I had some, they did came in handy, and the cake tasted as good as it looked. Thank you very much Judi.... you will be my cake lady from now on. Also, Judi was so caring, and made sure I was happy with what I ordered.
7/8/11 Heather, Milwaukee, WI  (Retirement Travel Suitcase Cake)
The cake design and presentation was so fantastic it wall all anyone could talk about! My mother and father were so impressed by it. The best part was, that as good as it looked, it tasted even better! So happy with this cake, and I will definitely use It'z My Party for upcoming events!
6/15/2011 Myesha, Milwaukee, WI (Zebra Striped Purse cake w/ matching heel)
I must start off by saying that Judi is the nicest person to have doing your cake. She did my cake and man oh man was it FAB! She was so detailed with what I envisioned for my cake and sure enough BAMM my Dooney and Bourke Purse cake was created to perfection. My guests loved it and everyone loved the cake flavors also. I have had cake from other places with the fondant on it and couldn't eat it because it was to thick..but My cake from Judi was ALL edible and did we eat it. The cake Judi made was yellow cake with butter cream and fresh strawberries. Just delicous and baked for me with STYLE AND GRACE..THANK YOU THANK YOU and I will be surely be back for other cakes very ya Myesha ;-)
6/12/11 Danielle, Milwaukee, WI  (4 Cakes)
03/20/11, 04/23/11,05/14/11 & 06/11/11 <------ALL Of The Dates For The Different Baby Showers I Have Done, have been accompanied by WONDERFUL Cakes By Ms. Judi!! The 2 Pink And Brown Cakes With Cribs On Top, The Zoofari/Jungle Cake AND The Cake With The Monkey On Top!! Her Creative Skills Are AMAZING And Her Cake Is Outstanding As Well!! Very Professional And A Pleasure To Work With.I Have Referred All Of Friends And You Should Too!! :)
5/20/11 For Julian, Milwaukee, WI  (Crib Cake with monkey)
Absolutely Loved the cake!!! This cake was for my best friends baby shower on May 14th. Everything was fresh and DELICIOUS. Very rarely can you find a cake that looks great and taste great its usually one or the other. Clearly I hit the jackpot it was 2 in 1. Mrs. Judi you were so accomadating and proffesional. My birthday is in November and I definitely will be giving you a call for my cake. Thank You
4/22/11 Allison, Milwaukee, WI  (Sweet 16 Cake)
For my sweet 16 I wanted a cake that I would remember for years to come. I was blown away on the talent that Mrs.Dadtka performed on my cake. It turned out better than I could ever imagine. Everyone was wanting seconds. I am thankful for the great job she did on my cake.
4/9/11 Leslie, Milwaukee, WI (Baptisim Cake)
I have to say one of the best cakes I have ever tasted in a long time,everyone wanted seconds....I let Judi do her own thing as far as decorating it and I have to say she aced was perfect! I will definately be back and.....sing her praises to everyone I know. Thank you for making the day.
04/05/2011 Amanda, Milwaukee WI (Purple with Roses Cake)
I am an exceptionally picky person in regards to my food and style due to watching so many shows on Food Network and such; however, I have to say that I was blown away by the tastefulness of design and flavor of my cake. It is apparent that Judi takes pride in her work because of her attention to detail and intricate arrangement. My birthday cake was a magnficent addition to my party and I will without a doubt remain a loyal customer (I have already ordered two more cakes for upcoming birthdays). Outstanding service, great product, family run... I was thoroughly impressed.
04/04/11 Tish, Milwaukee, WI  (Baby Bassinette Cake)
Judi, everyone loved this cake...i must say, EVERY ONE LOVED THIS CAKE. THE
3/25/11 Tina, Milwaukee, WI (Tinkerbell Flying Cake & Coach Purse Cake)
I found out about Judi by searching for cakes on the internet. I wanted her to do my baby shower cake, but I wasn't able to have my shower due to the fact that I had my baby earlier than expected. The next event was my daughters birthday and I decided to go with her after seeing her work on her website. I ordered my 4 year old daughter's birthday cake and I loved it.  It was awesome, from the looks to the taste. Judi did an excellent job and the service was also excellent. My birthday is coming up and I ordered another cake from Judi.  I know this one will look and taste just as good as the first one. The other cake was moist and fresh and everybody loved it. Judi is very professional and loves what she does. I am thankful I have a permanent cake lady and will be considering her for my wedding cake!! Thanks Judi
3/21/11  Deanna, Milwaukee, WI (Baby Crib Cake)
I can honestly say that you are not just a cake Lady, but you are "THE" cake lady when it comes to cakes. When I first contacted you, I was practically in tears because my shower was a week and a half away, and the person that was going to do my cake, was nowhere to be found. Not only were you extremely professional and made time for a tasting, you took the time to get a clear understanding of exactly what I was looking for. Not to mention, the cake turned out AMAZING, and was absolutely beautiful. I can not thank you enough!
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